Thankgiving yummy!

Hello readers, Today I am sharing a fun Thanksgiving recipe, more so for breakfast, or really anytime during the fall. I had a friend who made these my first thought was, “WOW, I hope she shares this goodness!” Not to leave you guessing, it is a delicious pumpkin doughnut recipe! Just in time for Thanksgiving! … More Thankgiving yummy!

Stop and Think

In today’s day in age we are surrounded by ways that we can communicate without seeing the other person face to face. It amazes me at all of the “Facebook wars” on difference of opinions. We see someone trying to make their point LOUDER and STRONGER by using the CAPS ALL button. (Did I make … More Stop and Think


I have had several people ask if I am going to do a promotion anytime soon. So I figured since it is the month of Independence, why not? It seems like a swell idea. These promotions are good until the 31st of July!   You want to get essential oils, but….. how? I would highly … More July PROMO’S

Epic mom, fail.

Mommas, ever have those days where you just don’t know what happened with your day? Diapers are everywhere. You just cleaned up another blow out from teething, which also means you are cleaning up the floor from poop. Or that screaming toddler who refuses to eat anything but frozen blueberries because “mama owie hot”, which … More Epic mom, fail.

Easy Veggie Wash

Here is a super simple/cost effective veggie wash. Are you ready for it? The ingredients are: Five drops Lemon Essential Oil and water. That is it! Two ingredients, you can’t beat that, right? I wash everything in it, and it seems to keep produce lasting a bit longer! (I can’t wait to try it on … More Easy Veggie Wash

Rika’s Roadhouse

This past weekend we went to Rika’s Roadhouse up here in the interior. It was quite fun actually. I thought I would share a snippet of information, and a few photos along the way. I’m sorry the pictures are a tad blurry, I didn’t realize I had the flash on, until we were almost through! … More Rika’s Roadhouse

A Deep Breathe

Take a deep breathe, friend. Why? My guess is you probably need it, just like I do. We all do. We live in a fast paced world. We are told to better ourselves means to have a: better job, house, car, appliances, accessories, clothes, ect. Do we really NEED them? If I had to bet … More A Deep Breathe

Eat Your Veggies

Normally, my daughter is willing to eat just about anything. Now, she seems to be protesting vegetables, unless they are pureed. She is also in a leap, you can embrace yourself in the knowledge of leaps and bounds HERE! If you have little ones under the age of 18 months, I highly recommend reading about … More Eat Your Veggies