Burn Baby Burn

You may be wondering what this post is about. It is about a moment in time a few weeks ago that I ended up burning my hand. Wait, it didn’t actually end up becoming burned, mostly it was just an initial shock of pain! Ouch, ouch and ouch! To figure out what I did to keep my hand from blistering after grabbing a pan that was 375 degrees please continue reading.

You see it started off because I had pulled something out of the oven and put it onto the counter. A few moments later with out thinking I had grabbed the pan, and held onto it (very tight!) for about 15 seconds. Most people would have realized the pain they were in, not me. I have an extremely high pain tolerance, therefore I didn’t exactly notice, until after I noticed my hand was turning red! After that the pan went flying, making our dinner end up in all sorts of funky places in our kitchen (by our water purifier).

After I realized what I had done to myself, I ran into our bathroom, turned on the cold water (as cold as it would get), and grabbed my Eucalyptus Essential Oil. I alternated between 15 seconds of cold water and 15 seconds of Eucalyptus Oil for a total of about 10 minutes. The common practice for burns is to use Lavender Essential Oil unfortunately though I didn’t have any. No burns, scarring, or even redness. Talk about a blessing!

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