Hello Friends

Hello friends,

Long time, no write? Since it is that time of year (summer time) we had family come and visit! Which was an absolute blast, and very much-needed, if I do say so myself. Today I am not sure what to write about. There are so many changes in life, but none that I want to publicize. I guess I will just just say that God is good, even in our discontentment. So many times I just want to go back in time, and live in that time period. It isn’t healthy nor where God has placed me at that point in my life. My hope for you friend is when discontentment raises up in your heart, you can wave that white flag, and remember who is sovereign and good. I admit, when things aren’t going my way, I seem to get frustrated with God… Then I start the, “Why God, why?” It’s a hard road to go down. Sometimes we just need to be pointed back to the One who has given us his endless grace, who is there when we need Him, and when we think we don’t.

So friends, if your heart is heavy, go to the One who can fill you back up and turn to Him.



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