If we have a boy

As many of my readers know, my husband and I are expecting within the next month or so. It is an exciting time around here! We just put up the crib, which is adorable(for either boy or girl). Now, I am just waiting for the mattress protector cover to arrive, so we can fully set it up. As I look around at the culture my husband and I currently live in, I see so much. Some that I would prefer not to see, some things that give me pure joy, and make me want to rejoice in.

I see so many people struggling with their identity whether it is their sexuality, the way they chose to dress,  their search for “something”, ect. Yet, those same people seem to have a void they need to fill, and can not put together the pieces, as to way they seem to not be able to “fill” their need. The answer is nothing in this world is going to sustain us more than Christ. If we aren’t anchored into Him and His word, we are going to drift into emptiness.

My point is that if we have a boy, I want him to be anchored in God’s word, not the word of man. Man is always going to fail, as we have a sinful heart. I want him to be a leader, a warrior for Christ. In this day in age we need warriors, not men sitting on the sidelines, while the world picks away at their families, and utterly destroys them. I want him to have life skills. I want him to be look around at a culture that is trying to figure out what being a man is, in a world that suppresses being a man, and know that through Christ that is what being a man is. I want him to have his identity in Christ, deeply rooted and planted in God’s word. As I said before, I want him to be a warrior for Christ. I hope by our actions and outward lived faith, our children can see authenticity.

When I go walking down the street around here it amazes me to see how many men dress in clothing attire I would wear. Some how society has mixed the two genders in clothing, and now sometimes it is hard to tell. I’m not saying it to have a bitter or judgmental heart, it just fascinates me. We wonder why the family is failing even within the church, yet on a Sunday I can look around, and women tend to be leading their homes. The Biblical viewpoint of marriage and family isn’t anywhere to be found, yet we still wonder why marriage is failing, families are broken, and Satan continues to win.

Men, please rise up and be the spiritual leaders that God has called you to be. Please do not let your wives lead your home.


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