Time, and time again

Hello readers,

It has been quite a long time since my last blog post. I apologize for that! My beautiful baby was born, and our family has recently had some major changes, that required a lot of time! Which meant there wasn’t much if any extra time for blogging!

Almost 5 months ago our beautiful daughter was born. About a month ago her and I moved North, while we wait for my husband to get done with his current job. So much change, so little time! Hopefully the move up North will be the last for at least a few months. Once my husband gets done with his current job, we will be moving even further North! Let me tell you, I can not wait! I love where I grew up (sometimes), but after two weeks, I was ready to be gone. It’s nice to visit, I just couldn’t imagine living here permentaly.

This morning, I am sitting here, waiting while my daughter wakes up for the day. Everytime I look at her I think, “Wow, what a blessing she is!” Even when she wakes me up multiple times at night (which she is getting better at only waking up twice now). Sometimes I have to remind myself how many times God has most likely gotten frustrated with me, yet He shows me unconditional love endlessly. It’s the same way with my daughter. She may cry and I may not know why, but the love that Christ has shown me, trickles down to her.

His love is bigger than we can imagine, yet so vast we can’t reach it. Therefore, the love for my daughter will be the same way. Yes, I will mess up. Yes, I will loose my patience (I have more than once). Yes, my husband and my opinions on how to raise her will not be popular, and therefore we will have judgement  (we already have). Yes, we will teach her Biblical truth. Yes, we will love her unconditionally. Yes, we will stand up for her, and give her every chance we can to succeed in life. Yes, we will spend hours of endless research on every decision we make regarding her. And yes, we thank God, He has entrusted us with raising our baby girl up in His ways. I thank God, He did! And I run to Him for grace when I fall short as a parent.


I love my daughter and my prayer is my life is an example and reflection of Christ to her. So she knows what a real authentic relationship with Christ looks like.



Blessings from my family to yours,





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