Back To School

It’s that time of year again. The temperature drops. The leaves start to turn. The windshield wipers probably need replacing, and the Rain-X in my car needs to be filled. There are children shopping for various items. Whether it be clothes or supplies. Teachers are getting curriculums ready. Janitors are busy getting everything ready.

Can you guess what time of year it is? That would be back to school my readers. This year will be the first year in a few, I am not walking into school. It is a weird feeling I must say, but I know God has placed me to where I won’t go astray. I miss being surrounded by staff and students, but I know my daughter’s future is more important. In a way, I guess you can say, I am mourning not going into school tomorrow.


Back to School Banner


Then I think about the teacher I get to be to my daughter. Nothing and no one but her daddy can replace that. The time I get with her can’t be replaced. The morals she receives can’t be taken back. The love and snuggles she gives me (most to the time) aren’t for someone else. They draw near and dear to my heart. I will never get back the moments, loves, bunny kisses, and huggins. I would rather regret being frugal (not really regretting it), than regret missing out on those precious moments.


I think I’m finally coming to terms with being content with where God has placed me. No amount of money will replace the time and values that are instilled into my daughter. We can live debt free, but if my daughter isn’t getting the morals and values we hold near and dear to us, what is the point? Yes, it would be nice to look at our bank account, and see green over red, but for me this is where trusting God has come into play.


I’ve looked into various types of employment, and they seem to not work out. It’s almost like God is laughing at me, while I try to “one up Him”. You would think by now, I would know, that I can not “one up” God. Maybe one of these days I’ll learn! Maybe just may my dear friends. Until that day comes accountability is needed. I just need to learn to trust and obey. It’s not easy for me, but we all have short comings, we need His grace for.


So my readers/friends/family, I have a question to ask. Are you excited for school to start? Maybe it already has. Maybe your family homeschools. What are some of your favorite things to accomplish before school starts?


Until next time…

Blessings from my family to yours,







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