Game day, game plan

Hi readers, friends, and family,


I apologize, I normally write a post more often than this current post. Life has been a swirl of events, and we have been hanging on for the ride. We moved, we found some news and our plans are being changed. In a few months our current income and insurance will come to an end. The life we have been apart of will be over. The plan we had didn’t work out. Then again, whose plan was it all along? Ours or God’s? It’s a very good point, I think. Whose plan do we follow? Our own or God’s? Do we think our plans are better?


Right now we are in a season of insecurity and it isn’t my strong suite. I don’t do well when there isn’t a concrete answer or for sure plan. It does cause me worry and sometimes I get anxious thinking about the future. I am learning that maybe my/our plan all along wasn’t God’s plan, and He has something bigger and greater for our family. What makes me anxious is the unknowing. It stirs up the need for security, which women want. Yes, I know my security comes from the Lord, and He is the anchor to my life and soul. It is just hard to connect my brain and heart to remember the characteristics of God.


When I go through a season of uncertainty, it is easier for my to retreat inward towards myself, then reach out to the Lord. I’m not really sure why at this point. It could be habit? Or it could be easier to trust myself than it is to trust God? Yet, in my heart I know I can trust Him, over and over He has proven Himself faithful even if it isn’t what I wanted. He has always provided.


Even though I don’t know the direction He wants for our family, I wish I could read God’s mind. At the same time, I really don’t want to know what He thinks. I mean deep down in the root of it, do we really want to know? My guess is probably not!


So my question is what do we do in seasons of uncertainty? Do we reach out to the Lord and hang on? Do we give into fear and lose all hope? Do we strive for what God wants and His plan over our own?


Life is so messy, with so many questions and so many answers. It’s easy for us to try to figure our lives out on our own, but the reminder of the Lord being in the midst of it all brings me peace. I hope it does you.






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