The Journey Continues

As some of you know, our family is making another big move here shortly. Or as I like to think, “Another start to another adventure.” For the last eight years (almost eight) my husband has served in the Marine Corps. I know that I never previously stated that for security reasons. Yes I am one of those spouses that is extremely careful with what she says, does, and who she speaks to about our life currently. The world isn’t a safe place, and there are so many people out there that would be thrilled at a chance to harm us.

In a few weeks our family will leave the only life we have known. It’s true when they say, unless you’ve lived the life, there really isn’t a way to comprehend all that goes into it. It is a lifestyle. There is such a sense of pride, and I truly miss it. Being surrounded by others that understand our freedom here in America comes with a price. Families being seperated, lives being lost, wives holding children who don’t understand why daddy isn’t coming home, moving and up rooting time and time again, moms of service members being told their child will not return home, moms tucking little ones in night after night by themselves. The list goes on. It’s truly a remarkable sense of duty and pride to everyone involved. The Marine Corps is just a unique organization, and it takes courage and dedication for the family involved to continue on, to be faithful to our country and values we hold dear.

Although, I will miss that sense of pride (I already do with moving away from the Marine community). I also know that our family is about to embrace a wonderful new adventure. A new beginning in a sense.

With moving on from the Marine Corps comes all of the challenges to move into civilian life. From finding employment, to adapting to the culture. You see, a few months ago we thought my husband had employment in a state on the Western half of the United States. It fell through. It was upsetting to say the least, and truthfully it rocked my world. My plan was thrown out the window  (God sure like to remind us He is in control). We weren’t sure what was going to happen employment wise or where we would live. I was having a hard time truly trust the Lord would take care of our family in every aspect. Even though He says His ways are not our ways. My worry was hindering my capabilities as a mom. My mind was surrounded by worry and anxiousness. It wasn’t until I fully surrounded the whole situation to the Lord that I felt peace. It took quite a few tears, giving into anger and letting go completely. A week later, my husband was given a job that is better than we could have ever imagined. We are moving to a location we have always wanted to, but never thought we would have the opportunity too. We will not have a lapse in health insurance. We will get to travel, yet still be together. While the negative 20 degree temperature as a high (if not negative 30 or 40) doesn’t thrill me, I am excited for this new adventure.

So my readers/friends/family, the adventure continues!♡

(I hope our little peanut learns to keep clothes on, and and shoes and socks on!)





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