The Adventure Begins With You

As many of you know, my husband left the Marine Corps after eight years after a lot of prayer and thinking. It wasn’t a decision to take lately as it was leaving the only lifestyle we had ever known as a married couple. As of last week, we moved to the beautiful state of Alaska. It only took my husband three years to convince me to just do it (Nike style). Or maybe it was the fact that he got employment up here, and well it was either follow him or not. You have to go where the job is, right?




As of yesterday we’ve only been here a two weeks, and wow what a culture shock it has been! In the lower 48 we are used to having so many conviences right at our finger tips. I know I took for granted being able to hop in the car and have are quick drive to a variety of options. Now that quick easy drive is about 90 miles. It really makes you think of what you really need! Or that Amazon Prime item yoy really wanted, yeah it will take about 10 to 20 business days to get to you.


Did I mention we don’t exactly have furniture either? Just a folding table, book case, and air mattress. Oh and I guess I could throw in my daughter’s crib in there. I guess it counts, right? I’m sure she would say so!


Our daughter has been having so much fun. For example: Tonight we got out my body pillow and her extra over stuffed elephant. I think she played until she goes no longer see straight. In her little world that brings her so much joy, and as a result, it brings joy to our hearts! She is enjoying the simple life. Truthfully, I think she is adjusting better than I am! She is a trooper that is for sure. She’s been moved quite a bit inthe short year she’s been here with us on earth. She’s such a joy!


Although, I can’t say the culture here is like anything either my husband nor myself have experienced it has been an adventure for sure. It has been a shock. It is taking some getting used to that is for sure! I just can’t get over how much people genuinely love one another, and I am talking about about seriously deep joyous love. It is such a beautiful thing to see and experience. I catch myself smiling from others joy and love. You see, it isn’t just one person, it is the entire community. It’s nothing like the North or South. It’s unique in and of itself. Just like each of us, God has created each of us unique!


Later this week we should have internet! It only has taken about three weeks to get it. I’m sure that’s hard to imagine down in the lower 48, it is for me, and I live here now. Oh the simple life, right?


Life is an adventure up here in Alaska! Stay tuned for further posts. Oh, and I guess I should apologize for any typos on this blog post, as we still don’t have internet. So naturally, I am doing this on my phone (but hey, at least we have cell service and data usage). Have fun today friends. You’ve only got one chance at this thing called life here on earth!


Here are some photos just because:


From my family to yours,




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