Eternity and Beyond

First off, I just want to say how nice it is to have a computer again, with a desk! It makes blogging so much easier, and surfing the web looking for things. Second, I wanted to share a few photos I took on our journey this past weekend. We drove about 130 miles, I think it was, just to see what was out there to the East of us. Nothing much but mountains, a few homes, rest stops that were closed, and a small town we came upon.


Time to switch gears (I hope you all are enjoying the Alaskan photos!) Last week I was listening to a podcast and the quote that struck me from it was, “God didn’t just create a people who will be a people who will be just about faith for 70-90 years. He is creating people who will be faithful for eternity. The Bible doesn’t offer a picture of a comfortable life. It is creating a people who will be faithful for all of eternity.”


It was interesting to say the least in that I haven’t really thought of that concept before. I’ve always heard the sang, “Following Christ isn’t always easy. His ways are sometimes at an interpass of what we think/or would like them to be, as they don’t chive easily with what our “heart” wants.” As we all know, our hearts can be so easily deceived by Satan. Just look around at our world, and dig deep into our hearts it’s there.


Yesterday, my husband and I were listening to a sermon online, while our daughter napped. Something that struck me was again, the topic of our walk isn’t always going to be comfortable. Let’s face it, when God asks us to do something, we have two choices to be obedient or not. I know for myself, I tend to want to do my own thing, and I think that way is easier. Most of the time, sadly if I would have just been obedient out of my love for Christ, some of my heart ache could have been minimized.


I will be honest, right now my walk isn’t comfortable in the least bit. We moved up to the “interior of Alaska” recently. Now, when I thought of moving to Alaska, I was thinking of an area like Wasilla or Palmer, maybe somewhere in the Kenai Peninsula. Not exactly the freezing temperatures, no amenities for the most part, the nearest hospital is 90 miles away kind of area. Oh did I mention we have one grocery store (here’s a picture of it). 



Prices are outrageous, $7 for a quart of almond milk, or $3.40 for a gallon of unleaded gas. At the same time, it takes time, and more fuel to get things up this far.  So you can say, I am a little outside my comfort zone. Okay more like A LOT outside my comfort zone.


I think for my this move has been the hardest yet. You always hear, “Alaska isn’t for the weak.” Yeah, it really isn’t! I have thought to myself, “I could look for work down in the more Southern part of Alaska.” In reality, what good would it do me? Not much if I am being honest with myself. My husband’s job for now is here, and moving around does get pricey to say the least bit. So for now, we are here. I have no idea for how long, but for now we are here. It may not be comfortable or easy, but it is home until God says otherwise.


If I look beyond my uncomfortable feelings, I can see the blessings that God has poured onto this move, and I can dig deep and thank Him for those. It isn’t easy in some moments when I feel totally isolated and alone, but am I really? The answer is no, I am not. If I am honest with myself I need to remember Isaiah 55:8-9 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord. “For as the heavens are higher than the earths, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.”


So if I am going to be faithful, I need to start to shift my thinking. Is it going to be easy, probably not. Am I going to have days where I feel like giving up, I would be lying if I said no. Are there goings to be days I wrestle with the culture change, you bet. Am I going to keep praying that the Lord would help me enjoy there here and now? Yes. Will I have to stop communicating with negative thinking people? Probably, at least for a short while.


In all of that, I am going to enjoy the Alaska 23 hours of daylight this summer. Go exploring new areas. Make some new friends. Enjoy the short few months of the growing season here (I think it’s three). And last but not least ENJOY life here in Alaska. Although, the walk isn’t always easy, Christ is always worth it.



From my family to yours,






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