Critter Annoyance Be GONE

Before we got up to Alaska, we knew that mosquito’s are a terrible nuisance up here. So I have asked around for an ALASKAN mosquito away recipe. I have tried a few from people who live in various parts of the country who have a tad bit of the amount we have here. I think I may have just come up with a recipe to keep those critters away!


In a spray bottle add:

10 drops Lemon AND Lemongrass Essential Oil

25 Drops TerraShield Essential Oil

10 drops Melaleuca Essential Oil

10 drops Basil Essential Oil

AND top the rest off with Witch Hazel


*So far I have yet to have a critter of annoyance fluttering around me! Hopefully it continues to work!


How do you keep the pesky bugs away?




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