Stop and Think

In today’s day in age we are surrounded by ways that we can communicate without seeing the other person face to face. It amazes me at all of the “Facebook wars” on difference of opinions. We see someone trying to make their point LOUDER and STRONGER by using the CAPS ALL button. (Did I make my point louder? Did your computer just now scream at you? IF it did, we all need to run and hide in bunkers!)


We text, we tweet, we Instachat, and Snapchat. When did we as a society here in America throw out true love and tolerance? Screaming isn’t getting anyone anywhere. The media continues to stir the pot. We no longer stop and think about the other person, their life experience, what they have or haven’t accomplished, where they have lived, have they lived in different cultures, ect, ect.


I will admit I get easily frustrated with those that have absolutely no idea what life has to offer but one snip-it of culture. Do I hate them? No. Do I love them? Yes! Jesus calls us to love! With love it doesn’t mean we say nothing when we should say something. If my daughter is to ever learn: boundaries, social etiquette, respect, honor, experience, compassion, grace, wisdom, and humility sometimes she is going to hear the word no. As we watch her test boundaries, boy does she love the word no, just as we all do.


Before the age of 30, I have seen and experienced most of America for myself. Not what someone else has written in a book, but first hand. It doesn’t get anymore beautiful than doing it yourself. I am so grateful to have experienced so many varieties of cultures so young. Yet, I feel so old experience wise.


Many times I get looked down upon because I just look plain young. (Thank you clean living for help in that area!) Normally I end up chuckling to myself because instead of knowing my background, they just assume because I am young I have no experience in life. Quite honestly, my favorite conversation recently was of a beautiful woman older than myself, trying to tell me I just didn’t know because I was too young. Little did she know my life experience. During the conversation you could in fact, see those wheels of hers turning. In the end of it all, she got to know a little snippet of my life, and I got to enjoy listening to her life adventures as well.

I encourage you to listen to what others are saying today. Put down that smart phone and listen. There is no need to Facebook, while having a conversation with another person. Maybe if we listen instead of yelling, we will gain a better understanding of others.


From my heart to yours,




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