Mind shift and Change


My husband and I had an interesting conversation last night, it seems to be the thing around here (I hope you and your spouse communicate, it is SO key!) During our conversation as well as afterwards, I was and have been convicted that I may indeed need to do a mind-shift in a sense. You see, I have been bogged down with quite a few things (I know, my life isn’t all roses and chocolates, like you may think it is, surprise, I am human too). Really, I have been forgetting or more like, focusing on negative thinking. I sometimes wonder if we just tend to naturally drift off to negative thinking land. I could be totally wrong about this.



*Instead of thinking, “Our health insurance is outrageous!” (Oh, yeah I forgot I need to sell some organs to pay our premiums this month! I know, I know affordable health care, right???)


*I could be thinking, “I am grateful we now have a choice who we see. If I don’t like a provider, I can fire them.” I actually have already done this once! It was a fantastic feeling!




Instead of thinking, “Wow, we literally live in the middle of no where.”

I could be thinking, “I should be jumping  up and down that we have more genuine friends here already than we have ANY WHERE we have lived. People actually care, it is a MIRACLE!!!!


The list goes on and on, right? Those are some examples for me right now, I like to keep it real. I won’t sugar coat and say I don’t have struggles. I mean, we all do. Sometimes, I get so bogged down, I can’t think outside of them. It’s like some pit and I need someone to throw me out of it. I thank Jesus everyday for my husband, he really is such a great uplifting human. I seriously believe the Lord has given him a gift of positivism. (Yeah, you can think I am a fruit loop, you won’t be the first, nor the last) If you don’t know him, you are seriously missing out.


Back to my main point. The pit of negativity. So I got to thinking what has pulled me out of my pit that I was in over the last week? Yes, you can steal my ideas, if I didn’t want to you, I wouldn’t have posted them for the world to read.blog1


  1. I made a list of everything Jesus has provided us with.
  2. I wrote down ten things I love about my husband.
  3. I have a few scriptures that I have memorized that I repeat to myself.
  4. I read the word with my daughter almost every morning. (Have you tried to get her to sit still? GOOD luck!
  5. I listened to some rad worship music.
  6. My good ole’ essential oils. Here are my favorites for uplifting and cheerful thoughts. Cheer, Wild Orange, Peace, Balance, Grapefruit, Frankincense, and Bergamot. 

emotional health

*You can click on each oil individually to learn more about it. Or as always, comment below, or message me.


I am curious what you do, when you get into a negative funk!



From my heart to yours,




  1. Very inspiring blog! One thing I try to do when I notice I’m in a negative funk is start thanking God for all the good things He’s blessed me with. That way my mind turns to more positive things. I have to be honest, it doesn’t always work. I’ve recently started using essential oils and try to diffuse them more often.

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    • Thank you, Jen! You are right, it doesn’t always work. It is a good tool to have. I am so glad you have found essential oils, they are wonderful. Let me know if you need any help with them!


  2. Great piece! In the end it really does come down to attitude, doesn’t it? We can work to see the glass half full rather than half empty. Yes, this takes work and all too often it seems easier to wallow in pity or anger but the more we work at it the more ‘typical’ this perspective becomes. And as our perspective shifts so much begins to improve within our lives!


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