Freedom Indeed

So, I am not sure if you are familiar with MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). If you are yay! If you aren’t, here is a bit of background information about it. MOPS was established in February 1973 in the beautiful area of Wheat Ridge, Colorado. The meeting consisted of eight moms who had child care, talked, laughed, and just enjoyed life. If you’d like to dig in and find out more about how MOPS came about read here!!



My little one and I have been apart of two different (drastically different groups) in totally different areas of the country, and we have enjoyed them both! I just wanted to give a huge shout out to anyone who has been apart of MOPS where ever we have lived, and a BIG thank you! (You know who you are!!)



This years theme is Free Indeed, and it has really resonated with me in quite a few aspects. Let’s face it, there are so many times in our lives that we are given choices, and sometimes we respond to them with fear, other times we respond with freedom. It has become to easy (I mean just a click of a button!) and we all have access to our friends and family wherever they may be, and mostly importantly their lives and what they are doing. It is easy to compare where we are in our journey to someone else. It is easy to give up on dreams because we keep trying and we just haven’t cracked into anything spectacular yet.



It is easy to live in fear, and not be that mom who is free indeed. A question was asked of what freedom looks like to each of us. Freedom to me looks different compared to freedom to you. Maybe we have a few similarities and maybe we don’t. My freedom looks like this (yep, totally being real with this one, yay). I really need to stop comparing my journey and walk to others. I need to stop saying, “I can’t do that, that will never happen.” I need to stop comparing choices my family has made based on our own convictions and what other families are doing. (Right now, my struggle with that would be Christmas. I hate to bum you out, but if you want to know more of what that means, you are more than welcome to message me. In fact, I would enjoy it!!)


Living free looks like this to me: Living the way Christ has intended my family to live, and live by our convictions with out caring what other people think. Every family is different, every decision is different. That part is pretty simple, right?  Live free because Christ has freed us already.



So I am curious. What areas do you need to become free, free indeed in?



From my heart to yours.



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