The Sky Is Falling

Okay, the sky really isn’t falling, but if you live in our neck of the woods, it most certainly feels like it. The endless amount of snow seems to continue to fall and fall and fall from the sky. The days are getting shorter, the air is dropping a few degrees each day. (Oh and everyone is right, it is MUCH nicer to drive in -10 than to drive it +10! Crazy and mind blowing, right? Yeah, it was to me too! The darkness seems to be coming as well, each day gets a little darker.


So why this post? I really feel like mental health isn’t talked about very much by the church. If it is, we clearly do not have enough faith if we are anything but joyful. In reality, is that helpful to someone who is struggling? Nope, I have been there if anything, it created more doubts in my theology, and  made the struggle that much more intensified. So what do we do? We love them, pray for them, encourage them, check up on them, and pray for them.


Why bring it up? With the weather changing the way it is, it is easy to have a mood shift in the wrong direction. So what do we do? Stay positive? Find a friend? Repeat scripture back to ourselves over and over until we are so tired of it we have to move on. The list goes on and on. I encourage you to reach out to someone YOU ARE WORTH IT!


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