Uses For Peppermint

One of the staples in my home is, good old peppermint. It’s amazing in and of itself. You can use it for headaches (on the temples or back of the neck). Or upset tummies, one drop on the tummy will do wonders. The list goes on and on, so I thought I would lay out some of the ways we use peppermint in our household!

Peppermint Oil Benefits

Some of the most common peppermint oil uses include:

  • Reduces stomach aches
  • Soothe digestive issues
  • Freshens bad breath
  • Relieves headaches
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Improves mental focus
  • Clears respiratory tract
  • Boosts energy
  • Releases tight muscles
  • Cost-effective natural solution to replace pharmaceutical drugs


1. Muscle Pain Relief

Peppermint essential oil is a very effective natural painkiller and muscle relaxant. It is especially helpful in soothing an aching back, sore muscles, and melting away a tension headache.

 2. Natural Energizer

For a non-toxic alternative to dangerous energy drinks, take a few whiffs of peppermint. It will perk you up on long road trips, in school or any other time you need to “burn the midnight oil!”

3. Improve Your Shampoo

Add 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil to your regular morning shampoo and conditioner to stimulate the scalp, and wake you up! It also works well on those that tend to have dandruff!

4. Allergy Relief

Diffusing peppermint along with clove oil and eucalyptus oil can also reduce allergy symptoms.

5. Fever Reducer

Because of peppermint oil’s cooling effects, it is an excellent natural treatment to bring down a fever especially in children. Just a drop on the bottom of each foot will do.

6. Sunburn Relief

Peppermint oil can hydrate burnt skin and relieve the pain from sunburns. Add two drops of lavender and one drop of peppermint to two tablespoons of coconut oil, and apply directly!

7. Upset Tummy Relief

A drop directly on the tummy, or in a glass of water works wonders!

8.  Mental Clarity

Put a drop directly in the cup of your hands and breathe in deeply! Or simply diffuse two or three drops and enjoy!

9. Pesky Critters 

If your home struggles with pesky critters, peppermint can help you keep them away! Diffuse it. Put it on material where the critters are trying to habitat in. Or simply make a spray bottle and spray through out areas in your home they like to sneak in at! 15 drops of peppermint to two cups of water seems to work well! (For mice especially!)


Enjoy these! You can also use it in baking (just remember it is extremely strong, so one drop is all you need!)





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