Why Does It Take?

Why does it take my husband being out of town for a week for me to realize certain things just don’t matter. Like a clean floor through out the day, or crayons being picked up. Although, I should probably get around to cleaning up the crayon markings on the couch. Oops, right? I think it is so hard to remember to let little ones be little. Yeah, I would love a clean house, but at the end of the day what is more important? My child learning growing, and exploring? Or me being stuck as a Type A personality, and not letting my child reach their full potential.

Why does it take a crisis for us to fully submit ourselves to Christ? Is it because life as we know it is easy and we are just sailing by? Is it because the church we grew up or have participate in has failed to teach us who Christ really is? I’m not sure. I don’t claim to have the answers on that! I do pray that those even in the church that don’t know who Christ really is, that they find Him!

One of my biggest prayers for my daughter is that she would know Christ, ,know Him fully and personally. That to her, He wouldn’t be something you celebrate on Christmas. Or that He died, and rose again, but live with a defeated attitude. I pray she truly knows His beauty and grace. That Sunday isn’t some religious gathering, but a gathering of like minded be livers who love and worship the King of Kings.

I’m not perfect, nor do I claim to be. I do however know the Perfect One who is the blameless One. Who I pray captures my little ones heart, so she knows who He fully is!





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