The Unexpected Blessing

I was just checking the last time I made a post, I can’t believe it has almost been two months. That is just non sense. As the sang goes, “Time flies while you are having fun.” I am not sure I would call the season I am in entirely fun overall. Yes, there are aspects that bring joy to my soul, but fun is not the word I would use right now. Ask me again in seven months, and maybe fun will be back in my vocabulary.


Lately I have been thinking about how much time I waste. I know it may sound silly, but hear me out. I waste time wishing I was in a different season. Right now I would REALLY like time to fly… Just saying! I waste time wishing certain aspects of right now are different. I waste time thinking about the future. I waste time thinking about the “what ifs”. Yeah… Yeah… I know, the scripture that says to not worry about tomorrow, as tomorrow will worry about itself.


Quite frankly, I waste a lot of time. By wasting time I have been convicted recently that I miss out on the blessings right in front of my face. I am talking smack down right there front and center. I miss out on the unexpected blessings that I wouldn’t have considered a blessing in the first place. It makes my heart sad to think about it.


There are so many little unexpected blessings I have missed out on recently. Just because I have been so stuck in my head. I’m curious how many others out there do the same exact thing? It is like this little roller coaster going on inside your head and Satan keeps bringing up all these things… And it is not a blessing!


Right now, I am trying to remember to stop breathe, and look around and the unexpected blessings right in front of my nose… I don’t want to miss another one.


From my heart to yours.




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