Hello world,

It has been quite awhile since I have blogged! Every day is a blessing, and I am grateful you found this blog! Thank you for taking the time to read and be immersed with what I have been wanting to share. Life has been a roller coaster, but hey it makes it more eventful right? Here’s to life, and the blessings it bring!

Oh happy day!        IMG_3057541072880


  1. Thank you for the invite. I just listened to your blog about suicide. That one touches close to home. My daughter has attempted it about 4 times that I know of. My former roommate did it in my apartment. This last summer I hit a low where I was hurting so bad from the emotional pain, that I wanted to die so badly just wasn’t sure how to and was afraid of how God would feel about it. I was always led to believe it was a sin that you can not repent from. Would I go to hell for that? No answers just thoughts.


    • Thank you, Linda for your reply, and sharing what was on your heart. It is a beautiful thing when we aren’t afraid to share, who knows what God will use it for!


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